After reading an article (http://writetodone.com/3-habits-separate-good-writers-tragic-wannabes/) about creativity and hard work. It got me to thinking about how my process had become one of tunnel vision and pushing myself very rigidly to complete and move forward with writing. I had put off all my other interests and in some cases, abandoned them entirely.

We are supposed to have hobbies, and interests. Some of us may be more streamlined than others, but never have I consider myself happy with blinders on keeping me ultra focused. Even when I studied accounting fresh out of high school my first instructor, Miss Jane taught us that sometimes when you know there is an error in a spreadsheet of numbers, you have to get up, walk away and do something else, coming back fresh to find it.

This article reminded me of that early lesson, now long forgotten, so I am taking the summer to play with my hobbies of interest. Reading, sewing, hand rafts, and already feel my imagination springing back to life anew. Maybe I will have something to show for the summer after all.



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