My Moment of Truth

What if I never am successful by traditional standards? Not meeting the cashflow or any standard of literary achievement, will that mean I am a failure? If others think I am a joke, not a real author, writer, does that invalidate my efforts? Who decides success? The world at large, a select group of professionals, … Continue reading My Moment of Truth

My Reading List

This summer I have a tower of unread books at my disposal. Backlogged tomes of intrigue that were purchased, loaned, or given to me to read, I am commencing to their needs. As I read them I will add here and perhaps even write a short review. What are you reading this summer? First up … Continue reading My Reading List


After reading an article ( about creativity and hard work. It got me to thinking about how my process had become one of tunnel vision and pushing myself very rigidly to complete and move forward with writing. I had put off all my other interests and in some cases, abandoned them entirely. We are supposed … Continue reading Hobbies

Inspiration Comes From Small Things

While I have been avoiding illustrations, a grandchild has been drawing away, at my art table. Now, this could have one of two responses by me: 1. I could berate myself for procrastinating and not being inspired, blame myself for not being finished and published by now. 2. I could see this as the inspirational … Continue reading Inspiration Comes From Small Things