Strawberry Patch

Last fall while mowing the yard, I forgot about the strawberry patch. OOPS! Fall leaves covered the spot along with my thorough brain train chugging away on other things, it was a round or two after mowing over the strawberry patch that I remembered the patch. Too late! The patch was gone.

Flash forward to Spring, this Spring, 2016. While mowing the opposite side of the yard, I noticed little red bits in the grass. Closer inspection I found these red spots were baby strawberries. That isn’t the best part, after a few rows in different areas of the yard I found that those red spot baby berries had been thrown about my yard in two other areas. Strawberries were growing in the front and back, and side yard areas.

Not sure how much I will harvest this year, but I am was sure happy to see the “transplants”. From now on when people ask where I live, think my answer will be in the middle of the “Strawberry Patch.”



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