Strawberry Patch

Last fall while mowing the yard, I forgot about the strawberry patch. OOPS! Fall leaves covered the spot along with my thorough brain train chugging away on other things, it was a round or two after mowing over the strawberry patch that I remembered the patch. Too late! The patch was gone. Flash forward to … Continue reading Strawberry Patch


Summer Is Upon Us

The process of DIY in writing and publishing has been many things . . . Frustrating, Exciting, Stalling, Enriching. It has definitely taken me outside my comfort zone, far outside. I had no idea of what, when and how my beginning was the place to start. There have been delays that weren’t planned for and … Continue reading Summer Is Upon Us

Final Photos From Lantern Asia, Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

*This exhibit is closed. These photos were all taken with my iPhone 5s, at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Lantern Asia Exhibit, Spring 2016. These are the final decent shots I got on the walk.  If you have the chance to go to this exhibit, trust me, these photos do not do it justice. Go!