Lantern Asia, Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Spring 2016

*This exhibit has closed.

Photos from spring walk through the exhibit in Norfolk, VA.




Sometimes not asking for help is our biggest fault. If you have ever asked for the wrong kind of help from the wrong source, it can feel inconceivably discouraging.

Truth? It is asking for the right type of help from the right source that is the biggest hurdle.

I, myself have been, and most likely will continue to be, mired in that mess. I did get the first book published. Between then and now–I have been stuck down in the mud trying to find the right help, without knowing what kind of help I needed/wanted, much less who to seek it from.

While all that mucking about was going on, what was happening under the surface was experience. A little knowledge leaked in as well, plus not one, not two, not even three, but four projects in the works. There is nothing more important at the moment to me than getting one finished and published.

However, finishing this semester of college comes first. I learned a lot from college. Yes, even as the oldest in the class(in some cases older than my instructors) I learned.  Some knowledge came in the form of relearning things forgotten, like confidence talking to people. I didn’t know I had forgotten how to make new friends.  That wasn’t the point for attending college, but it ended up being the best refresher course I could have taken.

Help sometimes comes in the least likely places and forms.