Marketing Lessons

Recently I took a class. I relearned some key lessons, both in class and out.

I have done things that were right, and missed opportunities because, well, mostly because I was pushing myself. Trying to make up for starting out so late as a storyteller. Yes, I said storyteller. I have written fairly regularly since high school and told bedtime stories for over thirty years. All that was for myself, or those very close to me.

Taking this hobby public, well, it hasn’t been easy. It is an uncomfortable, awkward growth. I prepared myself as well as I could for the negative reviews, for failing. But, I have to admit that I did not plan well in the marketing department. OOPS!

That isn’t a bad thing. I know a lot more now than when I first started. My feet are nice and soggy wet with a teeny-tiny bit of experience, time me to plan a little better for the next book. To work on a marketing plan for it, which actually will be a part of a bigger plan than when I first started this journey. I will also be ready to chuck that plan and make a new one as this career evolves.

I think that is the real lesson, the first time you do something, it may not be a huge success. That is ok. You might make mistakes. That is ok, too. And most important, that doesn’t mean you should quit. I haven’t.

There is growth that goes on within the mess of mistakes.



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