Today is not my normal day for writing posts. In fact, nothing of late has gone according to any semblance of a routine. It is starting to wear on me. Routine is a comfort zone. One that I haven’t been in much of late.

Sounds bad doesn’t it? Well, not really. My comfort zone is expanding, so is my vision, and my awareness.

Growing up isn’t easy, not even in your fifties. Anyone who says they are all grown haven’t been around long enough or known anyone older.  They don’t understand that we are always growing. Every age/stage of life has different hurdles to overcome. We still have more to learn. Always, in a good way– if we choose it.

I made that choice, but sometimes, I forget. For a long while I lost my “PollyAnna” viewpoint, and I really missed it. I enjoyed looking for the good, finding things possible that wouldn’t have been otherwise if this or that hadn’t happened. It was my perspective, my choice. Then I changed it, and didn’t like it very much. I was not happy.

Right now, because I did find those rose-colored glasses to look at life with, my perspective has changed especially on the chaos of the moment. I see the opportunities again. Now, there are possibilities available to me, that I couldn’t begin to have seen otherwise. I realize the need to pause and put the breaks on, catchup.

In the moment, of catching up, I am also looking around to see what else is here that wasn’t before. That and a little nap to fortify my energy level. Naps are my best way to slow down, and catchup.

I don’t think I will ever grow too old to nap.



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