A Lot of Stagnating and A Little Stewing

It has been brought to my attention that stagnating is a phase. Often times it is not a phase anyone wants to be in, fall into, or are desperately trying to get out of; no one wants to stagnate. Yes, I am stagnating.

I was reminded how stagnating is not that bad of a place to land. What is frustrating to me about it is not knowing how long that phase is going to last; the fear of it being forever is the negative thought that overwhelms and prevents me from enjoying this phase.

Looking back over the times that in one way or the other I have stagnated, the only regret I hold in my heart are the lost opportunities to enjoy the moment. Sometimes I see how, if I had just paused and looked for things to cherish about that time, I probably would have moved on faster. Due to the fear, I ended up spending more time in that paused moment.

I like the analogy of a car stuck in mud, and the wheels spin. In desperation many times we end up getting the car stuck up to it’s axles just trying to get it out. When someone who’s been there and done that before steps back and looks at the situation. How is the best way to get that car out. Sometimes it requires help from someone that can pull you out. Sometimes, you need to dig a little deeper and place some material that will create traction. Then there are those rare times that the best thing to do is to just wait it out till the ground dries up and then the vehicle can be safely driven out and back up on solid ground.

Our stagnations in life work that way, too. Or they at least present themselves to me in that way. It is time I viewed my own stagnations in the same light. Not become frustrated and continually hit the gas hard.

Stewing, a bit of that too, there has been anxiety and agitation over getting started writing. I certainly don’t have all the answers and am quite certain I am not painting by the numbers according to the mass majority.

Though, like stagnating, I think there is some bubbling up of better, more. Tasty, slow cooking of even ideas has the potential to make more of something that rushed just doesn’t taste quite so good. Same goes for writing, in my opinion.

Study and exploration of infusing detail and style to concepts, leaves me with hope that what we both will be seeing in the later half of this year will be worth the wait.



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