A Lot of Stagnating and A Little Stewing

It has been brought to my attention that stagnating is a phase. Often times it is not a phase anyone wants to be in, fall into, or are desperately trying to get out of; no one wants to stagnate. Yes, I am stagnating. I was reminded how stagnating is not that bad of a place … Continue reading A Lot of Stagnating and A Little Stewing

Comfort Zones

One thing that writing has done for me is push me outside my comfort zones. For instance an illustrators class came on my horizon, so I took it. That experience helped me become more open to taking more art classes, just because it was fun. That is the curious thing to me about pursuing an … Continue reading Comfort Zones


Writers are scavengers of life. Plucking emotion from made up fantasies while dealing with reality. Writers use words as a timewarp to manipulate and control destinies of their inner wants and needs. Setting the dark gnarly worm of self destruction into a blossoming butterfly of freedom from the demon of the Id. Compensation comes in … Continue reading Union


It is one thing to be told, or tell others how to complete a big task. There are many ways to do that. One way is to power through, keep at it until it is done. Procrastinating, while generally not the best way, can sometimes prove prudent when the task depends on changing information, or … Continue reading Paths