So, the eldest sent me a list for creating a media kit. No, I had not done one before now. Yes, I am aware how backward my process is —for the record, I am working on the media kit.

Here, let me share it with you.

1) A letter of introduction.  This is a personal bio no longer than 1 page.  It should highlight your strengths and accomplishments.

2)  A mission statement or manifesto.  This is how you stand out from other authors and what makes your work unique.

3) Testimonials or reviews.  When starting out it doesn’t matter who has done them, just that you have them.  I.E. if Natalie has reviewed your work she’d be Radio Personality and Voice Actor Natalie says “blah”

4) FAQ

5) Services offered – i.e. onsite book signing provides promotional opportunity for the store to drive up foot traffic.

6) Rates (cost of books and merchandise)

7) Stats (how many visits have you had to your blogs.  how many books have you sold?  what have common readers said about your work?)

8) Contact Information

After reading through myself the first time, I was at a loss as to where to begin. It seems such a daunting task. The second time I read through it was a few minutes later, this time sitting on the couch with my companion pup sitting next to me. When I finished the second read through I looked the lab in the eye and explained, “I have no clue how to do any of this. Would you write my bio?”

The puppy is quite willing it seems. She stood on the couch next to me, tail wagging wildly and leaned in to lick my face. She will do a great job, I am sure of it.


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