Merry New Year!

Looking back, over 2015, at first glance it might appear to have gone off course. Things that sound discouraging, upon closer look reveal a lot of good work that will prove beneficial next year.
As my Daddy always tried to make me understand, “When you know better, you do better.” No regrets.

Forgetting my idealized ‘plans’, there is still much to be proud about:

  • My writing matured
  • My fear of public events has lessened
  • My confidence has begun to return (yes, you can lose your confidence and find it again)

Rather glad that I didn’t finish the projects in the works in a rush. All that I learned this year, will go a long way towards improvement over my first book.

2015 was all about determination.

2016 will be all about possibility – something I plan on being open to and enjoying.



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