Merry New Year!

Looking back, over 2015, at first glance it might appear to have gone off course. Things that sound discouraging, upon closer look reveal a lot of good work that will prove beneficial next year.
As my Daddy always tried to make me understand, “When you know better, you do better.” No regrets.

Forgetting my idealized ‘plans’, there is still much to be proud about:

  • My writing matured
  • My fear of public events has lessened
  • My confidence has begun to return (yes, you can lose your confidence and find it again)

Rather glad that I didn’t finish the projects in the works in a rush. All that I learned this year, will go a long way towards improvement over my first book.

2015 was all about determination.

2016 will be all about possibility – something I plan on being open to and enjoying.


Status Normal

Study and Practice

This month like many before have been the part of the process of trial and error. Repeatedly.

Writing, well, any art really is a process. Sure it can present as a book, play, movie, jewelry painting, any thing that can evokes a reaction.

People have talent, or develop skill to produce art.

Give yourself the gift of time this holiday season to produce your art.

Merry Christmas

Vienna Carnegie Library Author Event

When:  Monday, December 14, 2015

1 p.m. to 5 p.m

Where:  Vienna Public Library

Community Room

Basement of the library


Who all?


Jon Musgrave                                      Marls Trover                                  Julie Kolb

Harry Spiller                                       Angela Mason                                Katy Naas

Bruce Cline                                          Joy Rainey King.

Bring some shopping cash and pick up an author signed book to give as a give and one for yourself to enjoy after the holidays!  There is nothing like a good book, blanket and some hot chocolate to get through a snowfall.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Shop, Buy A Book

If you happen to be in the Marion, Illinois area Saturday, December 12, 2015 between the hours of  10 am – 2pm, mosey on over to the Illinois Star Centre Mall.  


Southern Illinois Writers Guild Author Caravan, an event sponsored by the Ken Gray Presidential Museum, Illinois History’s Jon Musgrave, and Southern Illinois Writers Guild will gather regional authors in the main hall way of the mall outside the museum as well as giving the authors space in the museum to make presentations every half hour.  Bring your shopping money, books will be available to purchase from the authors, get a book personally signed by the author to give as a gift, and one for yourself while you are at it.

As I know the names of the authors I will be adding them below.

Jon Musgrave                                 Anne Marie Legan                            Harry Spiller

Julie Kolb                                         Katy Naas                                           Tammy Lee Morris Samples

Joy Rainey King                             Amy Hale                                             Marleis Trover

Mary Elliott                                     Ed De Rousse                                      Angela Mason

Doris Bland