W. I. P. That Should Be Writer In Progress

No, I am not really an author, I just pretend to be one. Yes, I am still working and studying to improve my skill and craft. No, I am not afraid of sharing my work.  I am a late bloomer and if I wait  . . . well,  it all might be posthumously published - … Continue reading W. I. P. That Should Be Writer In Progress

Work In Progress  

This is in response to a post by Chuck Wendig on his Terrible Minds blog.  He requested a thousand word of a work in progress.  Well, this isn't even a thousand, and it isn't very good. Why post it? To make myself start working on it.    Oh! There she is! Hunter held his hand … Continue reading Work In Progress  


My big lesson for the year has not just learning to accept myself in a deeper sense, but accept that others may or may not be able or even want to accept me. Those are are pretty big lessons.  I think I have relearned them several times over now.  Each time at a deeper level … Continue reading Acceptance


All this studying and reading are to a point. Learning. Learning about you.  How do you write? What are you comfortable writing? What do you want to write? Learn how to break boundaries, extend yourself beyond your comfort zone.  Learn to grow as a person and as a writer.  If journaling helps, and it does … Continue reading Learn