Not Giving Up

Still working.

I am amused at the reaction from others when they ask what I am doing. Some are surprised that I am still writing.  Others make a point of being encouraging and are sincerely supportive. Thanks to both!

Writing is a business.  All the statistics that apply to starting a business, apply to becoming a writer.  It can take years.  Failing before you succeed is common as well.

Even though I have outlined a basic plan, most people don’t really care.  They ask, and forget. I do that, too.  (Ask people questions, listen with genuine interest and then promptly forget their answer.) We’re all so busy it is unreasonable to expect anyone to remember, unless it directly pertains to them.  If they have remembered, it is a special treat; I feel honored.

In a perfect world, my expectation is to publish three books a year.  At this rate, it is looking like one every other year.  In the future, maybe someday in the future what I can realistically accomplish will work itself out to an average; something between three and none.

All the stories about rejection and eventual success remind me that it isn’t about how much I finish. Quitting is one of the biggest obstacle for most; for me it seems to be unrealistic timeframe.  “Better not faster” is a hard motto to remember.








7 thoughts on “Not Giving Up

  1. Better not faster. Good way to do it. James Patterson avoids the whole issue by having a gang of ghost writers.
    I still like Snowball, not least for the delightful illustrations. The front cover is a gem.


      1. You educate me. Boileau, ” Slowly make haste, of labor not afraid;
        A hundred times consider what you’ve said;
        Polish, repolish, every color lay,
        And sometimes add, but oftener take away.” Good words for a writer to follow.



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