Self Promotion Is The Hardest

Promoting others is no problem.  Networking for someone else’s benefit is fine.  To do that same for myself, nearly impossible.

My current project has been to become comfortable speaking in public.  Doing for myself things I wouldn’t think twice about doing for others –  its tough! Recently, I got brave, really brave.

I asked my friends to share and tell others about my blogs, and book.  To share as well the picture book in the works. I did the (up to now) impossible shocking thing of asking for help.

I asked for help promoting me and my work.  Explaining that very little money has been spent on marketing.  Nor do I plan on doing a lot of that for a little longer, if ever.  Depending solely on word of mouth and referrals.

That has been very hard for me to do.  I don’t want to be a nuisance to my friends, family —  especially to those who already decided to follow and support me on their own. I owe them,  you, the courtesy of not bombarding you with heavy sales tactics.

My work should be the best advertisement.

But if you feel like helping by sharing links, recommending my blogs and book, then by all means – please do so!





9 thoughts on “Self Promotion Is The Hardest

  1. I just like the valuable info you provide on your articles.
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  2. I totally understand! I’ve published two books (romantic suspense) and the writing was long and arduous (but FUN!), the self-promotion and marketing pure torture. But I’m doing it – and I have sold many books by telling others about my writing and novels. But it’s HARD. I’m in the process of writing an illustrated children’s picture book, and going over to look at yours. Congrats!!!


    1. Well, I haven’t finished my picture book, yet. I have pushed it off so that I could take a online course. Now I am back in college taking a creative writing course. Congrats!! I look forward to being at the two book point.

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