Labor of Love

There are somethings in life we have the opportunity to do again.  Some that we will never have that chance; we are stuck with our first attempt. My presentation of Snowball falls in the latter category.

I had very little confidence in my ability to tell/write a story for anyone to enjoy.  To protect my tender ego, many of my own chosen words about the story and my writing came off negative. My regret and apology to myself and my granddaughter.

The story was and still is a labor of love.  It was one in which I wanted my precious peanut to see what I saw in her – compassion, intelligence, curiosity, and problem solving. These are things that my granddaughter inspired me to try to write about.

Things every young ten to twelve year old girl should see in herself.  Young girls should have a network of support, family, teachers and friends that encourages their interests.  My granddaughter did it for me in accepting my gift of a story.

Now, I am honoring her generosity by accepting myself and my efforts. ( I have an awesome granddaughter!)




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