Trying to Find the Time

Well, this starting back to school thing hadn't started when I put so much on my calendar.  Something had to give - art and writing.  That should end in a few days. Next story is tumbling around in my head as well. This is getting to be fun! Making notes and trying to figure out … Continue reading Trying to Find the Time

Self Promotion Is The Hardest

Promoting others is no problem.  Networking for someone else's benefit is fine.  To do that same for myself, nearly impossible. My current project has been to become comfortable speaking in public.  Doing for myself things I wouldn't think twice about doing for others -  its tough! Recently, I got brave, really brave. I asked my … Continue reading Self Promotion Is The Hardest

School Days

This was written for the Little Egypt Arts Association Writers Group August meeting.  Their Facebook page is here.   Since 1988, the beginning of August started off with waking children in the morning a few minutes sooner each day, and nudging them to bed earlier each night in preparation for the first day of school. … Continue reading School Days

Labor of Love

There are somethings in life we have the opportunity to do again.  Some that we will never have that chance; we are stuck with our first attempt. My presentation of Snowball falls in the latter category. I had very little confidence in my ability to tell/write a story for anyone to enjoy.  To protect my … Continue reading Labor of Love