Race Running

Some where, someone made a comment that made me think about writing as a competition.  Then there was a meme on Facebook that corrected that kind of thinking; authors support each other.  The topic of competition has been tumbling around in my mind since, so maybe this is a good topic to discuss here.

So often adults pit children in competition against each other.  This happens more often in sports and situations where one child is ranked against another. Have seen and done it myself, without realizing it. Maybe it is just natural thing . . . but should it be?

Success is many times a companion of competition, as well as failure.  Somehow it feels like we forgot that struggle and not doing well is a part of a learning experience.  We can try many things, some we may find fulfillment in the activity alone, others we may really be quite good at doing.  Some we may enjoy more than others, but not be good at and have to practice over and over.  That is ok, too.  Trying new things that are interesting is how we discover our abilities, and likes.

I am not a fast runner, but I run.  My place is usually in the bottom three, for the race and my age group.  Doesn’t stop me from running races.  I am just trying to finish faster than I did last time.

My path isn’t the one for everyone, it is the one for me.  Something, as a parent, I tried to teach my children.  Do your thing. If you don’t know what your thing is, try things that are interesting to you.  Don’t judge yourself based on how well you do something compared to someone else.  The only person you can compete with is yourself.  Being a better you is the only competition that really matters.


4 thoughts on “Race Running

  1. I think of the NaNoWriMo or what ever it is, and then I think that if I do that, I will ruin the whole concept of what I want to do, so would rather take it slower



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