Cleaning and Clearing

I find myself thinning the stuff to store, and re-organizing my space.  Especially the work space. Last month in an effort to push my nose to the grindstone and hurry up the art work, I purchased some of my Snowball character images on shirts.  A ‘work uniform’ so to speak.

I hate them.  Well, not HATE, HATE them.  But I am not happy with them.  Well, there ya go, I have found another skill I need to master in this pursuit.  Photo editing. Oh, joy.

No, I am not exactly thrilled with the prospect.  Feels a little overwhelming at the moment.  However, some of that has come from not really having a method to my madness.  This was another point that was spoken about at the writer conference.


I have been like so many and read and researched and yes, I have a storyboard, and tried to outline and set deadlines and  . . . .

I could go on and on.

The point is, as a person, I really need to live first.  Eat, sleep, exercise, work and play.  I can’t just be at the desk writing or at the table drawing all the time. That will make me very boring and very unhappy.  The writing is the work.  That healthy equation is made up of five things, not a singular one.

In pursing that one, I let so many other aspects of life take a lesser importance.  Part of my project this month is still those page of illustration, but as well, balance. A little of this, a little of that, and organizing time and space for all of the things I love and enjoy doing.

And, this is a big one.  Instead of trying to do this how everyone else and their brother have been doing it – If I am going to write, I need to do it my way.  For me that is the right way.  (Same goes for drawing.)



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