Race Running

Some where, someone made a comment that made me think about writing as a competition.  Then there was a meme on Facebook that corrected that kind of thinking; authors support each other.  The topic of competition has been tumbling around in my mind since, so maybe this is a good topic to discuss here. So … Continue reading Race Running


That should be a dirty word.  It is one that gets us all in trouble, well, it can.  We expect so much, and it can cause us to push ourselves and each other. As a part of expanding my horizons, I began listening to podcasts about or on writing. The Writing University has a series … Continue reading Productivity

Ah, The Frustration

So, here's the block.  This time not a writer's block but a drawing block.  Is there a better term for that? That is what I am. It has taken three months to realize the problem.  The faces!  The child's face in the story is far more cartoon-y in comparison to the more realistic portrayal of … Continue reading Ah, The Frustration

Unknown Territory

  Figuring out how to illustrate the story and then practicing drawing that illustration until it is just right is a learning process. It has been hard to figure out when and what can be done.  My husband keeps telling me to stop over scheduling. (He knows me so well.)  His advice has been to … Continue reading Unknown Territory

Cleaning and Clearing

I find myself thinning the stuff to store, and re-organizing my space.  Especially the work space. Last month in an effort to push my nose to the grindstone and hurry up the art work, I purchased some of my Snowball character images on shirts.  A 'work uniform' so to speak. I hate them.  Well, not … Continue reading Cleaning and Clearing