Conference Confessions

Jokingly told a friend that we sponsored a writing contest because I knew I wouldn't win. Truth,  having enough trouble keeping my focus on the projects at hand without adding  another diversion. Sponsorship was the best fit. While my 'success' isn't a dollar and cents goal, but rather setting out to do something and seeing … Continue reading Conference Confessions


Summer Time

The next month or there will be all about family, with maybe a little work thrown in here and there.  Sometimes, regardless of what you think you should be doing, some family down time is warranted. Vacations, or just some daily living at a slower pace is the best way to go. Procrastinating and slow living … Continue reading Summer Time

Did you know?

There are T-shirts available and items for sale with Snowball as the featured image?  Well, there are. Currently there is a massive amount available at CafePress. Kolb Web Inc   Also we have begun to put together a new store with Zazzle. Kolb Web Inc Would love feedback on which store is the easiest to … Continue reading Did you know?

Happy 4th!

Deadlines. Sometimes they have to be pushed back.  Especially if it is indeed an option and the right thing to do.  I tried to meet my end of June deadline.  It didn't work. Only some of what I produced was worth keeping because I am just not that fast, nor do I have the skill … Continue reading Happy 4th!