Conference Confessions

Jokingly told a friend that we sponsored a writing contest because I knew I wouldn’t win. Truth,  having enough trouble keeping my focus on the projects at hand without adding  another diversion. Sponsorship was the best fit.

While my ‘success’ isn’t a dollar and cents goal, but rather setting out to do something and seeing it done. Now it was time to give back.  Helping others meet their goals, giving another writer a chance for recognition, paying it forward.

The conference was wonderful.  My own glaring mistakes along this path weren’t what I walked away with, instead the encouragement and enlightenment of others who have blazoned a new path of writing success for themselves was.  Being reminded that it isn’t failure that prevents dreams from coming true.  Quitting is the real dream crusher.



Summer Time

The next month or there will be all about family, with maybe a little work thrown in here and there.  Sometimes, regardless of what you think you should be doing, some family down time is warranted.

Vacations, or just some daily living at a slower pace is the best way to go. Procrastinating and slow living aren’t the same things.  I have caught myself procrastinating because there was too much expectation in the day, unable to get the list done, things were pushed off, which only created a build up of a much longer list.

So, the next few weeks, before the kids go back to school, take some time to enjoy being home.  Read some books together or just find a cool shady spot to lay out a blanket and watch the clouds float by.  Enjoy the summer.

Did you know?

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Happy 4th!


Sometimes they have to be pushed back.  Especially if it is indeed an option and the right thing to do.  I tried to meet my end of June deadline.  It didn’t work. Only some of what I produced was worth keeping because I am just not that fast, nor do I have the skill sets mastered to work that fast.

It is apparent when I look at work of ACTUAL ARTISTS AND ILLUSTRATORS.  Two of my favorites are Jay Winter Collins and Angela Padron. There are many others, but these two I met virtually through Mira Reisberg’s course on illustration.

Both remind me to set my bar of standard higher.  While I don’t have their years of study, or the level of artistic talent, they have shown me what putting forth your best means.  For that I thank them both.

I could have rushed and continued to do a halfway effort.  Between Jay, Mira, and Angela they have in unison with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Lisa (an artist herself) kept me on task.  Do my best.

As I told Lisa, each book I put out should be the best I can do at the time.  My writing/storytelling will improve. That goal has carried over into illustrations as well.

So while today this might be all I have done – drawing grumpa Bad Dream

(I realized that the leg I drew was the farther one, and now I need to finish Grumpa with that in mind.) I am working on the illustrations daily. Sometimes that might just mean taking different views and realizing what is right, as well as what is wrong.