How Much Got Done?

I am going to laugh, and laugh.

Not much. I have hardly put pencil to paper or even wet a brush and don’t get me started about mixing any watercolor. Other things have presented themselves as priorities so far.  Hoping next week proves much more productive.

I think last week there were some end pages that might be close to finished.  I decided to make a story within a story by putting some sketches and writing a little dialogue story in the end pages.  The dedication page and the copyright page are complete.

The number of photos taken? Not a one.  My free trial for Adobe has ended and I am going to have to sign up for the real deal to do illustration tweaking.

I had previously spoken to some people who have read the story about helping me with pagination of the story. So far no takers.  This one is going to be a whole lot of me and not much outside input, so how polished the finished storybook will be is a mystery.

Let’s hope next week I have some work to show you on the progress.

Have a wonderful Saturday.  Read a little and then get outside and play.  It is the weekend!





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