Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Basically that is the point of the story Bad Dream. It also has turned out to be a lesson I relearned in the last twelve months. Bad Dream was not the story I set out to write as the followup after Snowball.  Bad Dream is the story that came out of sharing my gobbledy goop to a … Continue reading Things Aren’t Always What They Seem


I have a few pages completed.  The actual illustrations are turning out better than I expected.  Rather happy about that. Decided to include a secondary story on the end pages for the adults.  I will leave that as a surprise as to it's storyline, but fits within the story.  So far the responses of those … Continue reading Progress

How Much Got Done?

I am going to laugh, and laugh. Not much. I have hardly put pencil to paper or even wet a brush and don't get me started about mixing any watercolor. Other things have presented themselves as priorities so far.  Hoping next week proves much more productive. I think last week there were some end pages … Continue reading How Much Got Done?

Checking Mail

Checking mail and email is kind of important, even during the holidays.  Maybe I should have keyed that in bold, italics and the largest font available.  Why? Because I did not adequately check my email over the holidays recently. Did something drastic happen?  Only in my own mind.  There was this reminder that I have … Continue reading Checking Mail