Dream Goals Update

So, what have you been doing?


I researched how to get my illustrations (awkward art) into picture book form.  I took a course on picture book illustration through Children’s Book Academy.  The esteemed Mira Reisberg and her faculty have more knowledge and experience than you can shake a stick with, at, or accumulate.  Unfortunately, I didn’t learn half of what they presented.

They blew my mind.  So many self and influenced walls of concept regarding illustrations, picture books, and story writing were smashed.  I can’t thank them enough, and the fellow students. Students isn’t the right word.  These were artists who were gifted.  I was not in their league, but they were gracious and helpful.

So, my initial confusion is slowly giving way to trial and error attempts at not just the illustrations, but now how to get those paper drawings into an ebook format as well as one that will upload for printing purposes.  Whew!

The first thought was scanning the actual images and creating the files needed. Problem?  In order to make up for my lack of abilities in the art department I learned that proportion can be my friend. Making the illustrations much larger and using a wonderful gadget I learned about from Mira, a proportional scale (found at Hobby Lobby of all places back between the drawing and drafting supplies).  Book page size in contrast to the size drawings I need that will scale down and make small errors less obvious.  (A true blessing to someone with my rough, unskilled attempts.)

The needed scanner would have to be a large flatbed to produce decent files.  That was going to be expensive and just sitting.  What if I never do another picture book? Never pick up another paint brush?  That would be rather foolish spending.

How else could I get what is needed?

Digital photo.  AH! Now we are talking. Though none of our ‘cheapie’ cameras could produce the intricate files that I need to work with, more limitations.  Sigh.

Discussion with Anthony led to searching the internet for a decent camera.  Further research led us to purchase a Cannon T5i.  One we can use for art, and life.  Even if I never draw again, we have children, grandchildren, and holidays. You name it, we can still make use of the camera.  So for the last few months pricing was the big hurdle.  Finally found an acceptable price for my Mother’s Day gift. Perfect!

Now to work on learning to use software to tweak the digital files to the best possible with my education and understanding of how it all works.  There is now a production schedule in place for getting the illustrations completed, photographed, edited and compiled.

So, maybe, just maybe, this is really going to happen.  Will keep you updated.

Character map and thumbnail sheet from Picture Book Illustrating course from Children's Book Academy
Character map and thumbnail sheet from Picture Book Illustrating course from Children’s Book Academy color wheel and proportional wheel purchased. 




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