Afterthoughts on Mothers Day

All my children are adults.  They are starting on, or have been on  their own life paths.  It feels strange to me, not having a child to raise.  Some would tell me to fill my time devoting myself to my grandchildren.  It isn’t like I don’t have a few, but they are all in different directions.  Nice thought, but the follow through is tricky.

Besides I have spent the last 32 years dreaming about having a career.  Sure, in-between diapers and part time jobs, I have tried some ideas on for size. Meeting interesting people that expanded my horizons and discovered things about myself.

Trouble was nothing truly fit.  I sought education and experience.  Never quite satisfied.  Except.  I loved being a mom to my kids.  It was the hardest and easiest role to fill.

It is a wonderful place to be today.  Not only are my children spreading their wings to fly in pursuit of their dreams and goals, so am I.

My children have told me that they are less afraid of failure and change.  Not to say they find it easy to take in or less difficult to manage.  They say they realize it isn’t the end.  All the while I have tried this or that, they learned as much as I did.

They know it is never to late to educate yourself. It is ok to move to a better fit. They perhaps learned more about fulfillment and the importance of happiness with what you are doing and who you are.  That both are a choice and not a force.

Of course, I am not the only teacher or living example of that. Their Dad has been, too.  I hope we are cool like that for a long time to come.



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