Vacation Inspiration

While I was gone on vacation two things happened.  One was a lot of driving through our beautiful country.  I was deep in thought most of the way, so unfortunately I didn’t take any photos.  The other thing is inspiration!

One night during a thunderstorm, lightening flashed through mini blinds. The shadows cast on the blinds got me to thinking about imagination.  Do you remember when you were a child all the things you could imagine ordinary things being?

A box could be a house or a car, depending on where you put doors and windows, or both if you put a steering wheel underneath a window!  Mud, rocks and twigs became pretend food placed on a leaf plate.  A stump could be home plate, a rock first base, the water meter cover second, and a maple tree third.

That stormy night became more than just good sleeping weather. It connected my childhood memories to how children look at the world.  In my mind I have been using all of those memories and rereading the story to try to see it through much younger eyes.



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