Dream Goals Update

So, what have you been doing? Me? I researched how to get my illustrations (awkward art) into picture book form.  I took a course on picture book illustration through Children's Book Academy.  The esteemed Mira Reisberg and her faculty have more knowledge and experience than you can shake a stick with, at, or accumulate.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading Dream Goals Update

Afterthoughts on Mothers Day

All my children are adults.  They are starting on, or have been on  their own life paths.  It feels strange to me, not having a child to raise.  Some would tell me to fill my time devoting myself to my grandchildren.  It isn't like I don't have a few, but they are all in different … Continue reading Afterthoughts on Mothers Day

Vacation Inspiration

While I was gone on vacation two things happened.  One was a lot of driving through our beautiful country.  I was deep in thought most of the way, so unfortunately I didn't take any photos.  The other thing is inspiration! One night during a thunderstorm, lightening flashed through mini blinds. The shadows cast on the blinds got me … Continue reading Vacation Inspiration