Ideas From Real Life

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A hike in the Garden of the Gods, a part of the Shawnee National Forest in Herod, IL was not only an opportunity for pictures, but as I continue to work on illustrations on the picture book, it gave me ideas.

I wonder if anyone else can look at the photos and let their imagination run wild as it did as a child.  Do you see the faces and beings that could be a part of a scary bad dream?  This hike shifted my viewpoint from an adult to that of a child again.

How I look at the illustration of the story has shifted a little.  On the right track, but really couldn’t see how to make it come together.  This little adventure proved to be a compass to help me find the right trail.



3 thoughts on “Ideas From Real Life

  1. LOVE your pics! You have a knack for abstract also. That is mostly what I shoot now days! I have truly discovered that with my photography class. It is a lot of fun editing stuff afterward too! 🙂



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