Well, I am sorry to say that my priorities have gone slightly askew.  Some might thing it is spring fever.  Not exactly.  Just a lot of change and growth.

I have to be honest and tell you, I am so excited about that.  SO much so I am finding working is a joy again.  Switching gears from writing childrens back to my love of fiction has made me so happy!

No, that doesn’t mean I will be altering that promise.  It just means I won’t be hard nosed about when I get them done.  That will reflect in a much better produced story.  THAT makes me extremely happy.

My gkids deserve the best, and pushing through sure wasn’t getting either of us there.

No new illustrations or photos to share, yet.  However,  last week we spent a day working on the business blog and adding the other part of Kolb Web Inc into the WordPress family.  (Won’t mention that other formate he started blogging.)

There is nothing like being in cahoots with your best friend.  We had been talking about this, and planning as well.  It all seemed like a far-fetched dream.  Now here we are taking baby steps.

Speaking of baby steps.  Some might find that the lack of sales and ‘success’ in Snowball a downer.  Not so.  I knew it would be miserly with sales.  It was my first (and like I say worst).  We all start somewhere; Snowball is my starting point (writing and illustrating).

I have to keep writing and drawing. Then you know what comes next? More writing and illustrating.  When I get enough of that done, I suppose there will be even more writing and illustrating to come.  See the redundancy in this.  THAT is where and when I will find the success most people define it as.

Me, I define success as this moment right . . . now.  And every moment here after.  I did the hardest thing I ever thought I would do.  I finished a story, and published it. Pow! I knocked it very slowly and painfully out of the ball park.  Home RUN!

Dream big! Then do something about that dream.

Happy Weekend to you,





2 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. Are you REALLY “Sorry to say”? lol… I think changing your priorities is a good thing. Sometimes you have to do what makes you happy and if writing fiction for a while makes you happy then, so be it! You will get back to the other eventually and besides… changing venue for a bit may give you ideas and a new perspective that will re-innovate you for the illustrations. It’s all good! 🙂


    1. Yes, I am sorry. It was an apology to myself as much as it was to anyone else waiting for the picture book. My heart was set on releasing it the 18th of April. I knew in February it wasn’t going to happy. Yet, still I held out hope. Life gets in the way of the best laid plans and so it has with mine. That only increased my frustration. I also have a much better knowledge base than I had prior to starting the picture book. I learned so much from Mira Reisberg and the course on picture books from Children’s Book Academy (http://www.childrensbookacademy.com). It isn’t that I don’t believe I can do it, but rather I see now that I can and have more tools to make a better book. It is going to take longer than I expected. That frustrates the writing part of my brain. So, I will write and draw. The art side woke up late last year. That is a very good thing. It is just sad to not be a stellar student and quick talent. This is a struggling process. One I am sorry for myself as well as for my supporters.

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