It is official.  I won’t be making my self projected April 18th pub date for Bad Dream.  Nope, not going to happen.

Mixed feelings.  Many.

  • Disgust
  • Disappointment
  • Doubt

Those are the headliners.  I’ll call them the Triple D’s of not just writing, but publishing as well.

I would blame my work ethic, but the hubs would give me that one eyebrow’d sigh.  I pushed myself so hard, and was so resistant to my own shoving that I stagnated.

One might thing that was a horrible thing.  A week ago, I would have agreed. Today, not so much.

You see, I haven’ t had the clear vision of this project.  Not until recently, and even the idea is sketchy. Something I need to be doing is sketching.  But sketching what?  Sure the story, but the visuals have a lot of  wiggle room.  The setting is determined by those sketches, not by the story.  A whole new dimension of story development that I am new to in so very many ways.

I didn’t even know I could draw a stick figure six months ago.  What I have done already, still leaves me much room for creativity and evolving of the story.  Still learning.

Here is where that eyebrow raising spousal unit comes in, he has told me (on more than one occasion) to not push so hard.  He says my best ideas and concepts come when I am meandering.  I heard, but ignored.

So now here I am less than a month away and barely three pages are complete.  No idea for the other thirty-one pages.   So, I am calling it.

Not a scrub of the project. Just that it is in the works, and will keep working on it and let it evolve.  NO deadline.  (That is how I work best.)

I will keep you updated on the progress, and even share some of what I am working on.

If you have any truly beloved children’s books – picture, chapter, or y.a. – please share.  I love hearing what is popular and well loved.  Have a great weekend.

Draw, write, and read!



2 thoughts on “BUSTED!

    1. LOL! Sorry, I am not worried about finishing the children’s picture book, it will happen. I am just not setting deadlines that far out anymore. I don’t work well like that. A huge part of why I won’t contract with a publisher, and chose to be my own. (I knew it was sacrificing guidance and knowledge.) Goals that are too specific are my nemesis. SO nope, no new goal setting. It is there, I will get it done, when I get it done. Both the story and I will be better for it.

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