Stagnating Progress

Stewing over ideas.  Funny how when you think you aren’t getting anywhere, suddenly all that unproductive time proves to be productive after all.  I was reminded of that while driving last week.

Most of my illustrations are in parts and pieces because something is missing.  Working in the strange new format of visual storytelling, with pencil and paint, I am reverting to some tried and true writer’s block methods. The most successful?  Walking away, not just backing up, but leaving it alone and not doing anything.

Occasionally a day dream session has proved helpful as well.  Eyes closed.  Deep sigh.  What would the book like in my imagination? True, what will eventually make it into reality may not look anything like what is in my head.  It might look better.  That perfect image is without the learning experience that will going to the end product.

These children’s books for my grandchildren are my school of hard knocks.  They are my education in not only writing, but publishing and illustration.  Then there is marketing, advertising, and publicity.

My progress is a leap and a jump, then nothing.  It all has to sink in, confidence rebuilds then ‘POP’ another burst of energy and excitement moves me down the path a little further.



4 thoughts on “Stagnating Progress


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