What Did It Take?

Writing Snowball was a labor of love.  There is quite a bit I could say about it, but the bottomline that most people want to know is how long it took.

snowball back proof

I started writing it October 2012 completing the first draft by February 2013. Five months doesn’t sound long, and many might wonder why it took so long to self publish in July 2014.  Edits and rewrites, along with working on ‘artwork’.  (I hesitate to call it artwork, as I am not an artist.)

snowball dummy art


I paid for an edit of the original draft. Then let some friends read it, their constructive comments helped me streamline the story and get to the point.  How to get my purpose for writing the story across ended up taking several drafts.

snowball dummy chapter

Young preteen girls have so many media images competing for their attention, I wanted to create an influence of my own for my granddaughter.  Things I wanted her to take away after reading my story for her:

  • You are intelligent
  • You are curious
  • You use your intelligence to learn more
  • You are compassionate
  • You have the support of family and friends
  • You are loved

Not tell her who she should be, but hold up a mirror and allow her to see who I saw when I looked at her.  All things young ladies need to hear.  All things that build confidence.

To get from the idea to the final draft it took a lot of time. My time as well as those who supported and helped me find the right voice and story to tell. ( I am very grateful for every person who helped.)

stack of snowball

It took what ended up totaling a little over eight pounds of paper standing nearly four inches tall to get the finished published book.  There were more than two rewrites, something like three or four, maybe five.

Snowball weight


A month or so after publication we found a few mistakes that either weren’t caught or the correction didn’t save. (There was some issue with the software conversion.)  Some have asked if we were going to correct them.  If I had the time, sure.  One thing I have learned is that you have to keep moving forward. There is a point you have to say, it is good enough, or you never move forward always trying to correction a mistake or something that slips through.  Maybe if someday we do a second edition we will fix them.  Perfection is a tough goal o meet, and that isn’t the point of my writing – to write perfectly.  

snowball measurement

What it took was hard work, dedication and a lot of really great friends.



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