Conference Anyone?

All Write Now! Writer's Conference   This week has gone to the  . . . well I am not insulting anyone or anything. About an hour ago I started writing a wonderful post about the writing conference, but I lost it because I didn't save during that hour. So this is my second, much shorter … Continue reading Conference Anyone?

Stagnating Progress

Stewing over ideas.  Funny how when you think you aren't getting anywhere, suddenly all that unproductive time proves to be productive after all.  I was reminded of that while driving last week. Most of my illustrations are in parts and pieces because something is missing.  Working in the strange new format of visual storytelling, with … Continue reading Stagnating Progress


Besides the following locations on the internet to purchase a copy of Snowball, electronic and print copies - Kindle and print copies Barnes and Noble - Nook edition Available on iBook Print Copies also available through Createspace Print copies are also available at The Bookworm                                                                                Vienna Town Square Mall Antiques & More 618 East … Continue reading UPDATE ON WHERE TO GET A COPY OF SNOWBALL

What Did It Take?

Writing Snowball was a labor of love.  There is quite a bit I could say about it, but the bottomline that most people want to know is how long it took. I started writing it October 2012 completing the first draft by February 2013. Five months doesn't sound long, and many might wonder why it … Continue reading What Did It Take?

Snowball Availability

Snowball can be found at The Bookworm Carbondale IL 618 East Walnut Street Eastgate Shopping Center Carbondale, IL Purchase a copy by February 20th Take a picture of yourself and the book in front of the store. Post it on Facebook or Twitter.  My page JulieKolb  or my Twitter byjuliekolb Use #BOOKWORMCARBONDALE and #BYJULIEKOLB I … Continue reading Snowball Availability

Next !

I feel like a broken record. Still working on the illustrations. The story is set. The dialogue set. The story concept of illustrations set. It is only the cover page, but finally a start. What is in my way? Me.  My own fears of imperfection. It won't be perfect. I am not an artist.  I … Continue reading Next !