Where To Go From Here

Well, a I am behind on my sketches for the picture book.  It is quite possible my excitement was bigger than my energy!  There is still a week left, so who knows what will happen next week.

Maybe, just maybe all the things that got in my way so far this month were all the prep work necessary to make next month chug along at a nice steady pace.  I could catch up, it is entirely possible.

Everything is going to work out just fine.  Not exactly sure how, yet. But it will.

Taking a class on chapter book writing with Mira Reisburg.  Hearing her talk in the webinars makes reading her messages and emails come alive. Now I hear her lovely accent, such a sweet lady.

That reminds me, an important part about the writer’s voice.  You may have heard that said before, but what is it really?

It is the style of the writer, the common way they write.  It includes how and when they use punctuation, and dialogue.  It can also include how they develop the character.

Another thing some children may not know the meaning of or understand, character development. Explaining it to mean when and what we know about a character in the story.  Sometimes that is hard, even for adult writers.

You have to ask yourself what do does the reader need to know about this character to make them believe their words and actions.  Those things you have to tell the reading audience is the character development.

They can be information told by the narrating voice, or by actions and dialogue with other characters that lets the reader come to the knowledge on their own.

A sign that a writer is doing a very good job at that is when we can ‘hear’ their voice in our heads.  Just like hearing and watching Miss Mira on the webinars, when I read her emails, ‘hearing’ the words as I read in her voice.

Too simple? Maybe, writing children’s books means I am never sure who will be visiting this blog.  The parents, or a child.  So while I am wanting to promote my stories for children, I also want to open the world of writing up to, well anyone – grown up or very young.

Drawing, writing, any creative activity that you enjoy is certainly worth your time.  They are like games to your brain giving your imagination muscle a work out.  This helps with so many things in life, including problem solving.

Hope everyone gets to do a little creating this weekend!



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