Art Work Continues

So far, I am pages behind in drawings.

I have thumbnails, or a storyboard laid out.  Prep work is being done. Really had hopes of being further along.

A second possible picture book was a project I wanted to start doodling about.  So far, I have been more concerned with finishing the first.  That is how it should be.

Maybe this weekend, or next week if I get going on the current book some time and free space in my imagination will pop up to work not that second.

finding boy's age

This week, I really have to start playing with colors.



2 thoughts on “Art Work Continues

    1. Ridi-
      You might find my blog – I put out the first book, a children’s for my g’kids and so changed this blog over into the go to site for the children’s stuff. However, I am working on a collection of short stories for older humans. I have four more children’s stories to produce. They aren’t exactly mass market directed. They are for my g’kids, but am sharing with the public because, well, who knows? Someone else might like it, too.

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