Picture Picture In My Sketchbook

Almost chuckled.  I have a sketchbook.  Who would have thought?

Not an artist, or illustrator, not by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  But.  I am enjoying this process.  It is new, interesting and really a lot of fun.

I have made a series of thumbnails.  Little tiny scribbles of what might be on the pages to go along with the words.  Some of the characters and scenes I have been working on since Thanksgiving.

Last week in order to move to the next stage of creating this book for a very young grandson of mine, it became apparent I needed a better light box that using a window and painter’s tape.  Some days the sun is just too bright, others the time to work is best at night because of appointments during the day.

I didn’t realize light boxes are so expensive.  So, I wandered around and found a cheap wooden box, a cheap frame with glass, and bought some clearance fairy lights to put in the box, and T-DA!  My very own light box.  Tried it out and works just wonderful for me.  Better yet, if I don’t do anymore drawing after this, all items are reusable in their original form.

Don’t you love when things happen like that.  All good.  I love all good stuff.


light box



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