Happy 2015!

How is your first weekend of 2015?

Lots of things are going on around here.  Illustrations were set aside a bit during the holidays in favor of spending time with family.  Though, we did do some artsy crafty things. Mostly we have been busy having fun with family.

One decision was made to start sharing the process of getting a story written, you will find that over on The Kolb Web blog site.  The steps that I figured out over a two year period when I wrote every day.

Every day! Yes!  People with the heart of a writer find it hard not to write every day.  Did you know that there are writers in all areas of life?  Writing is just one skill that overlaps many careers.  You can be a writer and something else!

I figured out a process that worked for me, and I am sharing it.  It is not the only way to write a story, not by any means.  It may give you a place to start writing your own story.  If you are interested check it out.

One last thing, for  parents, all my children and young adult stories will be published under ‘Julie Kolb’, but that isn’t all I write.  I am working on a compilation of short fiction stories, the genres are wide and varied. I love reading different genres myself.  This collection will be published under J. Kolb.  Hope that will be available in 2015 as well.

Looks like a very busy year ahead!

Happy New Year!




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