How to be enchanted

This was such a nice post on NOBODYSREADINGME about my little storybook. Thank you, again.


A friend, Julie Kolb, has written a short story for children. It’s called ‘Snowball’ and I think you can find it on Amazon. Although it’s aimed at children, the illustrations are enchanting for adults. She just gets how kittens work. The pictures are truly delightful.

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Where To Go From Here

Well, a I am behind on my sketches for the picture book.  It is quite possible my excitement was bigger than my energy!  There is still a week left, so who knows what will happen next week. Maybe, just maybe all the things that got in my way so far this month were all the prep … Continue reading Where To Go From Here

Art Work Continues

So far, I am pages behind in drawings. I have thumbnails, or a storyboard laid out.  Prep work is being done. Really had hopes of being further along. A second possible picture book was a project I wanted to start doodling about.  So far, I have been more concerned with finishing the first.  That is … Continue reading Art Work Continues

Picture Picture In My Sketchbook

Almost chuckled.  I have a sketchbook.  Who would have thought? Not an artist, or illustrator, not by any stretch of anyone's imagination.  But.  I am enjoying this process.  It is new, interesting and really a lot of fun. I have made a series of thumbnails.  Little tiny scribbles of what might be on the pages … Continue reading Picture Picture In My Sketchbook

Happy 2015!

How is your first weekend of 2015? Lots of things are going on around here.  Illustrations were set aside a bit during the holidays in favor of spending time with family.  Though, we did do some artsy crafty things. Mostly we have been busy having fun with family. One decision was made to start sharing … Continue reading Happy 2015!