New Year and another New Look

So, we all know I am working on a picture book, right?  Well, if you didn’t, there you go.  To do my best, and to continue learning, I signed up for an illustrator course.

The course was a broad stroke.  Being a beginner at everything, fellow experienced students and instructors were patient, and most of all encouraging.  Growth from trying new things and experimenting with techniques and mediums were very much a part of the curriculum.  I was wowed, daily.

The environment and the top shelf instruction was not just an ‘art course’, it opened up a new world for me.  Making it especially delightful is the generousness of being able to access the course for a while after it ended.  As each new layer becomes familiar, I can go back and pick up information to absorb.

My perspective as a writer has grown, as an indie/self publisher, and a new love of drawing was discovered.  Pow!  This was just way more than I had hoped for when signing up.  The information sounded, I will admit it, too good to be true.  It isn’t.

Someone with more experience and more artistic background may find a different course than I did, because truly this is one course of instruction that you will take away that which you are willing to be open to.  There is something for everyone, and that something is different depending on your perspective and what you seek to learn from it.

I made new friends that inspire me, and who were so generous, not just in their own work, but in their wisdom, and sharing how to do this or that.  They taught me to be daring and try new things.

The most important thing I learned is that an eraser is my friend!  If I don’t like a line, erase and redraw it. There are more possibilities to the usefulness of the course for me, increasing my thought process on a visual level.

In addition there were other areas of the industry that was covered besides just art, such as the business side, and publishing need to know information.  Touched on were areas of blogging and promoting one’s work and skills.  There as well, I learned something.  So, in the coming weeks applying the information to me and my priorities, this blog/website will be changing.

Let me know what you think as the changes appear!

My appreciation and thanks to

Children’s Book Academy 

 Special Thanks to instructors

Mira Reisberg

Kristine Brogno,


Mandy Yates

An After Thought

The next course Children’s Book Academy will be covering writing children’s chapter books. It will be starting January 12th, 2015 and the link for more information is here – Chapter Book Alchemist.

And since you have been so very good and read my entire post, I will share a link to Mira and Hillary’s free novel writing webinar that will be on January 2nd, 2015. Children Novel Writing Webinar, click there and sign up for a link to the webinar.



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