So, at the book signing, I was interviewed. What comes of it, well, we all have to wait patiently and see. (I am not patient about anything so this is especially difficult for me.)

I was asked questions, not just by the newspaper reporter, but by passersby my table.

One question, I know I didn’t answer properly was, “When did you decided to write?”

The correct answer should have been –

It isn’t that I decided to be a writer, it was that I decided to accept BEING a writer.  Deciding to accept who I am came in parts.  I went beebopping down to the local community college on more than one occasion, and in more than one location to get an English Literature Degree, or ‘WRITING’ degree of some sort.  

Every time I went I ended up with something other than that.  Something more mainstream acceptable wage earning educational study.  Accounting (proving useful), Cosmetology (ok, so I know how to look my best, I just don’t always feel it necessary to be ‘done up’) and Nursing (I can call 911 professionally).  My thought process has always been, if I don’t make it in these positions, I can always be a writer.  

None made me happy, and all I dreaded in some way or the other.  

When my granddaughter was about nine years old, two years ago, I made the decision to accept being a writer.  I even promised her a story for her birthday.  Still having issues with being a writer, the fastest way to get over all my stumbling blocks was to promise my granddaughter a book.  A book expected less than a year away.  

I was late, it was finally finished and published over a year and half later. From the beginning, she was apart of the process.  She helped with illustration selection and several draft edits.  

Another question asked was from a visitor to my table, they asked about my blog -“Is it only about writing?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer that one.  I am a writer, how could this not be about writing, because that is apart of me.  It’s like asking, do I have to breath? 

Is writing the only thing I blog about, well, it depends.  Lately, yes.  That is what I have been concentrating on.  Though,  it is about following a dream, doing something that makes me happy, and hopefully encourages you to do something to follow your dream and make yourself happy.  

The original blog which is now THE KOLB WEB, it was a task to blog every day for the 500 days leading up to turning 50.  I wanted to see if I could sustain writing long enough to truly commit to it.  It worked, I wrote, and here I am today.  Now that blog is evolving into being about the business of writing and the results of writing.  

This blog is more about me, as a children’s writer.  For instance in the coming weeks I am going to share about taking an illustration course that has just blown my mind.  Not only opening my eyes to the art and craft of children’s book illustrations, but opening me to being an artist in so many ways, including drawing and all forms of creative expression.  

So, if you have a question.  Ask.





4 thoughts on “Interviewed!

  1. Hi Julie,

    I’ve been reading you regularly for a while in my iPad reader and it appears that all your posts are closed to comments / likes. I have an original iPad and get the option to like / comment directly from my reader for everyone else. Now that I know I need to open you in Safari…I can say hi once in awhile. Could it be something in your settings that won’t display on tablets / smartphones? (maybe its your theme?)

    Anyway, hello…nice to be following you here, cool to see your focus has shifted compared to FromMeToHim. You’ve been busy, I’m getting close on a book, if you have any wisdom from your recent experience let me know.

    Happy Holidays,


    1. Mark,

      You are not the first person to make mention, I have gone in and made changes in the past, but with upgrades, it is possible there is something new that either needs to be checked or unchecked. Will look into it this week.

      Yes and no on the focus change. I am fulfilling my promises to my grandchildren, but still working on fiction adult stories. There is all so an idea bouncing around in my mind about a grief book. Not sure if it will be fiction or nonfiction. There is even the idea of a picture book on grief that I am playing with.

      Wisdom? Research. Look for authors who are doing what you want to do and check out what and how they did it. I spent a year reading blogs, books and searching for answers to my questions from any source I could find.

      Blunt but honest –

      In the end it all comes down to how bad do you want to? If your fears are greater than your desire to write, you won’t.

      Happy Christmas and Merry New Year,




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