Update of the Novice Writer

Outside looking it, it probably doesn’t look like I am doing much right now.  I am following advice of a really nice lady, Katie.  She is a writer, too.  Her advice, read. Growing as a writer, starts with reading.

Just like growing tall, writing doesn’t show right away.  It takes nutrients, for a writer that is reading.  It also takes exercise in the form of writing.  Just like trying to grow tall and be a big basketball star, writers have to practice.

A basketball player may not always like learning the basics and mastering them.  As a writer, I have to practice writing some very basic skills.  The one I am working on this month is ideas.  I posted last Saturday about signing up for PiBoldMo 2014.  A project to help writers of picture books come up with ideas.

Seems easy doesn’t it?  Pretty basic, like dribbling a basketball up and down the court over and over.  Building basic skills by practice is how we get better and better.  Ideas first, then brainstorming on the best idea of all.  That is my holiday plan.




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