Feels Like Playing

So, I took a hint, suggestion and a plunge. (Am I a bit slow? Maybe.) So, late last month after learning all about PiBoIdMo (am participating), I jumped the shark and signed up for an illustration course.  This is the deep end.  First week down, and I am in over my head.  Splashing and flailing … Continue reading Feels Like Playing

Book Signing? Um, Maybe

So, this month going to a vendor event. Holiday Extravaganza Marion Illinois Marion Pavilion November 22, 2014 10 am - 4 pm There will be some print copies of SNOWBALL, if you want one signed, it will be $10 tax included. Have no clue what to expect.  Will be probably take some of the stories … Continue reading Book Signing? Um, Maybe

Green for Revision, Red to Correct

My granddaughter and I have been doing some research.  We read some children's picture books and talked about why we liked them, and why we didn't.  I took notes on our discussion. She is a sharp reader and I was grateful for her help.  She knows what she likes.  We both liked the same book … Continue reading Green for Revision, Red to Correct

Update of the Novice Writer

Outside looking it, it probably doesn't look like I am doing much right now.  I am following advice of a really nice lady, Katie.  She is a writer, too.  Her advice, read. Growing as a writer, starts with reading. Just like growing tall, writing doesn't show right away.  It takes nutrients, for a writer that … Continue reading Update of the Novice Writer