Gonna Try It Again

December 6th

Anna-Jonesboro High School

Anna, IL

anna holiday vendor


Yep, doing this again.



Feels Like Playing

So, I took a hint, suggestion and a plunge.

(Am I a bit slow? Maybe.)

So, late last month after learning all about PiBoIdMo (am participating), I jumped the shark and signed up for an illustration course.  This is the deep end.  First week down, and I am in over my head.  Splashing and flailing about.  HAVING A BLAST!


I have already learned some new things, for instance, how to make a stick figure have a little life to it!

Photo on 11-7-14 at 9.25 AM

Ooops, that last figure looks like it has a broken thigh.  I would have made sure to flip it, but people should face right, right? See that little drawing near my finger?  That is not a face, that is a little girl in her Momma’s high heeled shoes.

My art experience is limited.  However, writing for my g’babies it means more to them that it is all from me than how well I draw.  That means I am going to learn how to draw better.

Taking this class is exciting.  It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like play.  See, it ‘s like playing dress up.  Trying on new and different things.

Photo on 11-7-14 at 9.32 AM


One morning last week, I work up with a pencil in one hand and a sketchpad in the other.  I felt 5.  It was great.

Work? Nope, it is play.

Book Signing? Um, Maybe

So, this month going to a vendor event.

Holiday Extravaganza


Marion Illinois

Marion Pavilion

November 22, 2014

10 am – 4 pm

There will be some print copies of SNOWBALL, if you want one signed, it will be $10 tax included.

Have no clue what to expect.  Will be probably take some of the stories I am working on to work on.  Maybe bring some of the original drawings and possibly a dummy of the next book.  Not sure, yet.

Green for Revision, Red to Correct

My granddaughter and I have been doing some research.  We read some children’s picture books and talked about why we liked them, and why we didn’t.  I took notes on our discussion.

She is a sharp reader and I was grateful for her help.  She knows what she likes.  We both liked the same book for the same reasons.

My granddaughter also shared some very important information she learned at school. Her teacher, my granddaughter said, taught her that green ink is for editing, red is to correct.

“Green ink means,” she explained, “make it better.  Red ink is for the final draft.  The last draft should be polished up to shine, no mistakes.”

One of the biggest fears and dreads of a writer, of mine, is that scary red ink all over something I wrote.    Rough drafts, first drafts and all the way up to the final should be in green.  Green means keep going.  I am taking  that to heart.  That is one smart teacher.

Update of the Novice Writer

Outside looking it, it probably doesn’t look like I am doing much right now.  I am following advice of a really nice lady, Katie.  She is a writer, too.  Her advice, read. Growing as a writer, starts with reading.

Just like growing tall, writing doesn’t show right away.  It takes nutrients, for a writer that is reading.  It also takes exercise in the form of writing.  Just like trying to grow tall and be a big basketball star, writers have to practice.

A basketball player may not always like learning the basics and mastering them.  As a writer, I have to practice writing some very basic skills.  The one I am working on this month is ideas.  I posted last Saturday about signing up for PiBoldMo 2014.  A project to help writers of picture books come up with ideas.

Seems easy doesn’t it?  Pretty basic, like dribbling a basketball up and down the court over and over.  Building basic skills by practice is how we get better and better.  Ideas first, then brainstorming on the best idea of all.  That is my holiday plan.