Nervously Undertaking PiBoldMo 2014

What is PiBoldMo 2014?

Well, it is the brainchild of children’s author, Tara Lazar.  During the month of November, for picture book writers specifically she created the answer to NaNoWriMo.  Every day, for thirty days, come up with an idea for a picture book.

Like most ideas, you go through a bunch before you get one that is really good.  So, it makes sense to spend some time just coming up with ideas.  (Goes across the board for writers in general – whatever you genre, age, or desire, if you don’t have the great novel idea bursting forth this November, take a hint  – work on coming up with 30 ideas.)

Thats it in a nutshell.

Please visit Tara’s blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them), I am sure glad I did.  (Thank you, Tara!)


So what are you doing this Saturday?


2 thoughts on “Nervously Undertaking PiBoldMo 2014

  1. Can anyone join ? I have just started writing children’s stories at : . Totally an amateur story writer !!! I am even trying to do my own illustrations (clumsy yes !!) and sometimes use my craft/crochet creations as props. So, was wondering if I could join Piboidmo. Would love to have your opininon on my stories at the link above if you have the time 🙂



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