I am NOT an artist.  Doodler? Maybe.

Yes, I drew all the illustrations in Snowball. It should be obvious in most of the pictures that they were not done by someone with a true talent.  It was something I debated on, doing it myself, or hiring someone with real talent.

After a visit with the granddaughter I wrote the story for, she was interested to see the ideas for illustrations. She seems pleased with my efforts and that is when I realized the true purpose for this book.  This was all about doing something for her.

Yes, it got me out of the dream mode and into the do mode in regards to my writing. But above and beyond this was a gift, with love, from me to her.  So, not only did I write the story, but I illustrated it, for her.  It is all my efforts.

There are stacks of papers and lots of electronic files of rewrites, and rewrites. There are lots of sketch and regular paper drawings, even some that didn’t make it.  Pen, ink, color pencils and markers, even tried some watercolor in effort to not only make the images recognizable, but ones that could be duplicated in both the ebooks and print.

It goes to show, in my opinion, where there is a will, there is a way.  If you have a talent with art, of any medium, time and research the ways of uploading the images to software for ebook and print formats, then you have a decent chance of having decent illustrations for those self publishers out there.

Currently, yes, I am working on drawing dragons.   No, nothing is ready for public viewing.




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