What is a FlopOver?

In the story, Snowball, Aimee, Grumpa, and Tyler have a snack.  What kind of snack do you think they had?  In my family, when I was growing up, we had FlopOvers.

What is a FlopOver?  They are the best sandwich ever, to me.

1. Start with a piece of bread. Wheat bread is what I used here, but you can use white or your favorite sandwich bread.




2. Then you spread it with peanut butter.  It can be creamy peanut butter, or crunch.  You might even like almond butter, or any kind of your favorite nut mashed up to make a buttery spread.  We usually use creamy peanut butter.


3.  Now on top of the peanut butter, you spread marshmallow cream.  Sweet, white, and very sticky marshmallow cream tastes really good with peanut butter.



Now for the last part.

4.  As my mother always said, now you just flop half of the bread over on itself – keeping the peanut butter and the marshmallow cream inside the fold. 


5.  Now feast!  A good cold glass of milk, again, flavor and type of milk of your choice!

We also sometimes use graham crackers instead of bread, but those you can’t fold.


What is your favorite snack?



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