Clover Chains

In the story, Snowball, Aimee makes clover chain jewelry.  Do you know how to make flower jewelry?

If not, you can check out the link here to WikiHow about Ways to Tie a Clover Flower Chain. For those curious folk, Aimee used the second method to make the chains.  At least in my mind she did, as this was how I was taught to make a clover chain necklace.

To use the knot method and/or the braid pick the clover flowers very close to the ground so you have plenty of stem to work with.  You can always get cut or tear the stems down later.

Here it is too late in the year to find clover flowers to chain, but you can use this same method with other flowers. Daisies are another good flower.  I haven’t tried it with baby mums that are plentiful in the fall.

Always get permission before you start picking flowers!






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