Nervously Undertaking PiBoldMo 2014

What is PiBoldMo 2014?

Well, it is the brainchild of children’s author, Tara Lazar.  During the month of November, for picture book writers specifically she created the answer to NaNoWriMo.  Every day, for thirty days, come up with an idea for a picture book.

Like most ideas, you go through a bunch before you get one that is really good.  So, it makes sense to spend some time just coming up with ideas.  (Goes across the board for writers in general – whatever you genre, age, or desire, if you don’t have the great novel idea bursting forth this November, take a hint  – work on coming up with 30 ideas.)

Thats it in a nutshell.

Please visit Tara’s blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them), I am sure glad I did.  (Thank you, Tara!)


So what are you doing this Saturday?



I am NOT an artist.  Doodler? Maybe.

Yes, I drew all the illustrations in Snowball. It should be obvious in most of the pictures that they were not done by someone with a true talent.  It was something I debated on, doing it myself, or hiring someone with real talent.

After a visit with the granddaughter I wrote the story for, she was interested to see the ideas for illustrations. She seems pleased with my efforts and that is when I realized the true purpose for this book.  This was all about doing something for her.

Yes, it got me out of the dream mode and into the do mode in regards to my writing. But above and beyond this was a gift, with love, from me to her.  So, not only did I write the story, but I illustrated it, for her.  It is all my efforts.

There are stacks of papers and lots of electronic files of rewrites, and rewrites. There are lots of sketch and regular paper drawings, even some that didn’t make it.  Pen, ink, color pencils and markers, even tried some watercolor in effort to not only make the images recognizable, but ones that could be duplicated in both the ebooks and print.

It goes to show, in my opinion, where there is a will, there is a way.  If you have a talent with art, of any medium, time and research the ways of uploading the images to software for ebook and print formats, then you have a decent chance of having decent illustrations for those self publishers out there.

Currently, yes, I am working on drawing dragons.   No, nothing is ready for public viewing.


What is a FlopOver?

In the story, Snowball, Aimee, Grumpa, and Tyler have a snack.  What kind of snack do you think they had?  In my family, when I was growing up, we had FlopOvers.

What is a FlopOver?  They are the best sandwich ever, to me.

1. Start with a piece of bread. Wheat bread is what I used here, but you can use white or your favorite sandwich bread.




2. Then you spread it with peanut butter.  It can be creamy peanut butter, or crunch.  You might even like almond butter, or any kind of your favorite nut mashed up to make a buttery spread.  We usually use creamy peanut butter.


3.  Now on top of the peanut butter, you spread marshmallow cream.  Sweet, white, and very sticky marshmallow cream tastes really good with peanut butter.



Now for the last part.

4.  As my mother always said, now you just flop half of the bread over on itself – keeping the peanut butter and the marshmallow cream inside the fold. 


5.  Now feast!  A good cold glass of milk, again, flavor and type of milk of your choice!

We also sometimes use graham crackers instead of bread, but those you can’t fold.


What is your favorite snack?

Links For Snowball

Sorry, I was asked where to locate a copy (forgot who and what format they were looking for),  so here is the list of links to take you to the book.

Links to the versions of the book for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook and Goodreads

Amazon – for Kindle and Print Copies –

Barnes and Noble -for Nook –

Goodreads- add to your reading list, review, or recommend

iBooks –

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Clover Chains

In the story, Snowball, Aimee makes clover chain jewelry.  Do you know how to make flower jewelry?

If not, you can check out the link here to WikiHow about Ways to Tie a Clover Flower Chain. For those curious folk, Aimee used the second method to make the chains.  At least in my mind she did, as this was how I was taught to make a clover chain necklace.

To use the knot method and/or the braid pick the clover flowers very close to the ground so you have plenty of stem to work with.  You can always get cut or tear the stems down later.

Here it is too late in the year to find clover flowers to chain, but you can use this same method with other flowers. Daisies are another good flower.  I haven’t tried it with baby mums that are plentiful in the fall.

Always get permission before you start picking flowers!