Mountains and Molehills

Since July Kolb Web, Inc has been uploading ebook formats of Snowball.  Finally all the planned formats are up and available.  However, it has taken a couple of months for me to find my voice and get some say in the matter of price.  Wait until October, you should see them coming down. Then there is … Continue reading Mountains and Molehills

This Is It

  The final announcement of a new format for Snowball. You can now find a copy of Snowball at these locations- In Print (PRINT ON DEMAND) - iBook - you have to go to iBook store - Children & Teens - Children's Fiction and then search for Snowball Julie Kolb - couldn't find a … Continue reading This Is It

Failing is Fun!

No, seriously! Sometimes, I believe success is overrated.  Like, for instance, now. Here I am writing, self publishing (with family help) and failing like a stinky week old gallon of milk, not lurking in the back of the refrigerator, but sitting hot on the counter with top off for all who comes within range to … Continue reading Failing is Fun!