Mountains and Molehills

Since July Kolb Web, Inc has been uploading ebook formats of Snowball.  Finally all the planned formats are up and available.  However, it has taken a couple of months for me to find my voice and get some say in the matter of price.  Wait until October, you should see them coming down.

Then there is the matter of the print copy.  That will be changing as well.  Today my time is well spent rescanning and sizing the illustrations.

This after all is a first book on all accounts.  We have all made some mistakes.  It has been a learning experience, sometimes painful, and sometimes pleasant.

Once all the alterations are complete, you will see an announcement.  Until then, keep your fingers crossed.



This Is It

snowball cover shot


The final announcement of a new format for Snowball.

You can now find a copy of Snowball at these locations-


iBook – you have to go to iBook store – Children & Teens – Children’s Fiction and then search for Snowball Julie Kolb – couldn’t find a link for you.

Nook ebook –

Kindle ebook – (and a slightly cheaper print book)


It is what it is.  This was, is for my granddaughter.  A promise to her was the contract I could sign.  Not having the confidence, nor believing to have the skill to write something that a major brick and mortar publisher would want to contract for, much less having the experience, confidence and resolve to fulfill a contract with a publisher who might want more books from me; this is what I could promise and keep.

It is about following my dream.  Fulfilling my goals and getting it done.  I am far from the writer I want to be.  Truthfully this may be the best I ever do, but I bet it isn’t.  With any luck, drive and determination this is the first and worst (Sorry, Kiddo) that I will ever do.

Plans are in works for at least three more children’s stories.  Seriously, you can’t write a story for one grandchild and not write for the others.  See how that grandmother thing works?)  Also, to supplement my muse, there will be the adult fiction which is enjoyable for me to write.  Find out about that side of my writing over on J.Kolb .

This, this is just the beginning.  I never expected to sell one copy.  So far, six.  I am a success by my standards.  No marketing, no publicity, nothing.  Word of mouth only.  My mouth, my words.  Done.



Failing is Fun!

No, seriously! Sometimes, I believe success is overrated.  Like, for instance, now.

Here I am writing, self publishing (with family help) and failing like a stinky week old gallon of milk, not lurking in the back of the refrigerator, but sitting hot on the counter with top off for all who comes within range to smell.  Great! Really, it is.

I am learning so much!

For one, I am learning that even without marketing or any paid advertising and without any word of mouth assistance, I can sell six, (yes, that is right six books).  Fantastic.  I didn’t think one would have sold!


One unprompted, out of the goodness of her heart review.  This fantasy is actually a dream.  A dream with some legs.

How can I say that?

Well, first off, I had worked tirelessly on steeling myself up for a blast of negative, derogatory comments, and being slammed.  Hasn’t happened.

Also, was prepared to sell zero. Yes, I said zero as in the number naught.  Not even those who might have just been giving me lip service during my attempt to write and complete one story, did I expect to buy it. Guess what?  Yep, you got it . . .  Hasn’t happened.

Then there is that whole the part about attempting to finish a story, which I did wonder if I could do.  Sure I could finish the tales I told my kids when they were little.  But sitting down to finish a story to read?  What was I thinking?  Wasn’t sure I could do it, but . . it happened.

So, wa-la.  It is now on Barnes and Noble’s site as a Nook Book.

Snowball by Julie Kolb 

Don’t forget it is still available on Amazon.

Snowball by Julie Kolb 

Oh, sure, there are errors. No it isn’t perfect. That isn’t the point.

I did it.  I finished a story for my granddaughter.

I did it. It is available as an ebook.

I did it.  Working on the proof for the print version.

So while by a sales standpoint it comes down on the fail side of things, in so many other ways (ways that really count) it is a success.  Those ways are my standards.

Funny how life works like that, but really, we set our own benchmarks.  More so than society, or friends, or even family.  And the person setting those goals to obtain, they are the only ones qualified to determine whether or not success or fail happen.

Remember that next time you feel like failure is upon you.  Step back, ask, what did I expect of myself?  By whose standards did I fail?

Have courage! Failure is fun.