Second Children’s Story

Yep, working on the second one.  Is it a series?  Eh, sort of, maybe?  It is the next in line for a grandchild.  A boy this time.  The concept is pretty firm.

Earlier this week, I found an underlining motivation for the story.  Writing down ideas, details, thoughts, even a few scenes came to mind.  This is the beginning. Feels familiar because I have been here before.

That is the thing, with anything new to you, the next time parts of the action feel familiar.  That beginning of the ‘been there, done that’ familiarity.  This is practice in motion.

Again, my initial thoughts have been to ‘hire out’ the illustrations, as well as debating whether or not to even have illustrations.  Then, of course!  There have to be some illustrations.  So perhaps today I will try and do some preliminary sketches of what imagined illustrations.  The sad part is in not doing my imagination justice.




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