Thanks For The Support!

I have to thank Al Kattermonran who has kept my announcement going round Twitter.  Thanks, Al!

Another shout out has to go to Duncan Swallows for his blast on Facebook. Thanks Fluffy.

A review on Amazon showed up, so a thank you to Cynthia Castro.  Sweet! Thanks Cynthia. (By the way if you go to the Kindle Store and search for Snowball, the first entry in the search results is a book by Warren Buffet.  I take that as a omen.  That is unexpected good company.)

On Goodreads, yes, I have a Goodreads author page! Cool! And a library is following me! Livingston County Library, Thank you!

I have so many more supporters that have done so much to encourage me.  Everyone is so precious to me, thank you.


4 thoughts on “Thanks For The Support!

  1. That’s great that you have a library following you now. Always good to have that kind of publicity. Maybe ask them to buy it so they can have it in their Kindle Library 😉


    1. I am quite sure someone will once I have a hard copy. Most libraries here use services such as Overdrive to supply their ebooks. So . . . I guess you are suggesting I try to get into Overdrive, huh? 🙂



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